Wing T
June 22, 2006 01:46PM
What are the best dvd's for teaching 9-11 year old boys to learn the Wing T?
What are the best dvd's for teaching Wide-Reciever, Quarterback, RunningBack ?

I'm a new coach trying to build and develop [/color:14a54fc666]kids in football.
Wing T
June 26, 2006 10:27AM

If you're looking into implementing the Wing-T Offense, I suggest looking at [b:05ee75a907]Dennis Creehan[/b:05ee75a907]. Coach Creehan does an excellent job teaching the Wing-T Offense.

Coach Creehan also has position specific videos, but I also suggest:

[b:05ee75a907]Wide Receiver Drills[/b:05ee75a907]
[b:05ee75a907]Quarterbak Fundamentals [/b:05ee75a907]
[b:05ee75a907]Quarterback & Running Back Drills and Techniques[/b:05ee75a907]

The following series' has also been very popular

[b:05ee75a907]J.T. Curtis 4-Pack[/b:05ee75a907]
[b:05ee75a907]Jerry Campbell: Coaching Youth Football[/b:05ee75a907]

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