Who Runs The Pistol Offense?
January 28, 2009 04:50PM
Who are some of the better high school or lower division NCAA teams in the country who run the Pistol Offense?
Jon Holdaway
Re: Who Runs The Pistol Offense?
March 09, 2009 09:54PM
There are three schools that had great success with the pistol offense in 2008. Anderson High School in Cincinnati won state last year and were state runners up using the pistol on every down except goal line drives where they reverted to the I formation. They can be viewed on the net at Search video FSN and pick their game against Harrison. Muskegon won the Michigan 2008 state title ran the pistol exclusively. You can see two of their games at Search "Davison" to see their semifinal game against Davison (an INCREDIBLE comeback game in which Muskegon comes back from 35-13 down with 4'30" to play!). Search "Muskegon" to find their blowout game against the previous year's Michigan state champion Detroit ML King. Punahou of Hawaii won the 2008 state championship using the pistol. You can find their game on YouTube at "Punahou 2008 championship game". They are actually not that great a team (very poor line blocking), but they were good enough to win a state championship. Anderson and Muskegon are both excellent running teams. Punahou uses the pistol more as a passing attack.


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