The quarterback teaching video
December 15, 2007 07:02PM
Which tape do any of you guys recommend for teaching a quarterback basics, and daily training schedule?
Re: The quarterback teaching video
December 17, 2007 06:55PM
The Darin Slack videos are very good.
Re: The quarterback teaching video
December 18, 2007 10:33AM
I recommend John Booty: Becoming a Champion - The Quarterback. his DVD offers great fundamental drills. Booty has been a part of eight 5A Louisiana State Championships and coached 11 straight All-State QBs, (including: Josh Booty (Cleveland Browns), Brock Berlin (University of Miami), John David Booty (USC), and two USA Today All-Americans.

Other great options are:
Training the Quarterback
Al Fracassa's Complete Quarterback Technique Teaching System
Quarterback Fundamentals

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