Dana Logan, Championship Productions
Spring Tryouts
March 07, 2013 10:23AM
It's that time of year again that we cheer coaches gear up for another round of tryouts!

One of the hardest things for me every year is coming up with new material to use that will test the cheerleaders' (both returning and new) abilities.

This year I'm excited to say I've found cheers, chants, and dances within Championship Productions products and have then modified them to fit the specific requirements of my judging scoresheet (and of course I've changed the words of the cheers to relate them to my high school).

My favorite DVDs for tryout material are:

CHD-02634A Winning it All! Vol. 2 - Cheers & Sidelines
CHD-04282 Cheer to Pin: 25 Wrestling Cheers
CHD-03012A Cheers & Chants, Vol. 10
CHD-03329D Jomo's 15 Favorite Sideline Dances
CHD-03329E Jomo's Favorite Advanced Dances

When putting together tryouts for your squads, be sure to include everything in your tryout that you expect to see throughout your season. Don't forget about jumps, spiriting, voice/volume, and tumbling!

If you have any advice, stories you'd like to share, or questions on the tryout process, feel free to comment!


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