Dana Logan
Need Cheer-Specific Conditioning Ideas?
October 10, 2012 01:10PM
Every sport requires athletes to train and condition in ways specific to the physical demands of their sport. Cheerleaders can certainly run, crunch, and push-up just like any other athlete, but to maximize the results of the workout, to really see higher jumps, stunts sticking, and sharp motions, it's crucial to focus on targeted workouts just for cheerleaders.

Stan Tabor satisfies this growing need for cheer programs all over the country in his DVD: 65 Conditioning Exercises for Cheerleading. This is an amazingly helpful DVD, and can be used by new or experienced coaches.

I certainly cannot wait to start using Tabor's drill ideas with my own cheer squads this winter!

What exercises do you like to use with your squads that are made just for cheerleaders?
Rachel Schmidt
Re: Need Cheer-Specific Conditioning Ideas?
October 12, 2012 01:42PM
In high school, our squad would do elevator drills. This is where the squad is divided evenly into stunt groups and each part of the stunt is set to counts. These drills help not only to improve strength and endurance during stunting, but they also improve timing and communication among stunt groups which is crucial in state routines.
Dana Logan, Championship Productions
Re: Need Cheer-Specific Conditioning Ideas?
November 29, 2012 02:51PM
When thinking of cheer-specific conditioning ideas, it's important to focus on what your squad or cheerleaders in particular need to work on. Conditioning, not only improves strength and endurance, but can also correct areas your cheerleaders struggle with.

1. Run laps while yelling one of your longer cheers in unison. This will improve the volume of their voices when they're cheering at games, or help them keep their voices strong and audible during stunting!

2. Run laps while having their arms glued cleanly to their sides. This helps prepare them for walking transitions in competition routines or half time performances.

3. Do jumping jacks, but have them hit High V's and Low V's with their arms. This will strengthen motions.

4. Create an 8-count of cheer motions, that the girls can repeat over and over to work on motion sharpness and placement. (I use: 1. Broken T, 2. T, 3. High V, 4. Low V, 5. Table Top, 6. Right Diagonal, 7. Left Diagonal, 8. Clap. Repeat!)

5. For stunting, as Rachel mentioned above, you can strengthen bases arms/shoulders by having them go from prep/elevator level up to a full extension and then back to prep/elevator. This is more effective than simply doing push-ups on the ground, as lifting their flyer is giving the bases stunting endurance.

If you are a current or past coach or cheerleader and have any other conditioning ideas, please share them so we can all get stronger and sharper together!


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