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March 28, 2005 02:56PM
The following videos will appear in the [b:a0c427d6ee]April[/b:a0c427d6ee] catalog:

[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson is making history as hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox. [/b:a0c427d6ee]Under Jackson's coaching, the World Champion Boston Red Sox led nearly every offensive category in Major League Baseball in 2003-2004, including batting average, runs, hits, doubles, extra-bases, total bases, sacrifice flies, slugging percentage, on-base percentage, and RBI's, setting all-time major league records for extra-base hits (649), total bases (2,832), and slugging percentage (.491), and capturing a World Series title in 2004! There is no question; Ron Jackson is one of the best hitting coaches of all-time! In this series Jackson covers everything you need to know to be a "champion hitter."

[u:a0c427d6ee][b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory DVD Series (6 DVDs)[/u:a0c427d6ee][/b:a0c427d6ee]

[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Hitting Drills for Success![/b:a0c427d6ee]
[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Becoming a Champion Hitter![/b:a0c427d6ee]
[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Improving Your Hitting I.Q. - Strategies for Success![/b:a0c427d6ee]
[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Power Hitting and Upping Your Average![/b:a0c427d6ee]
[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: Errors and Corrections - Perfecting Your Swing![/b:a0c427d6ee]
[b:a0c427d6ee]Ron Jackson's Hitting Factory: The Complete Guide to Bunting![/b:a0c427d6ee]

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