Visual Acutiy to Hit Any Pitch
December 20, 2006 12:52PM
Hi Everyone. What do you think of this? I’d like to share about a batting technique I’ve used that really works. I’ve played baseball/softball for years, and never have been satisfied with the way I hit. This strategy trains your eyes to be able to SEE and HIT the ball unlike any technique I’ve ever used. It actually gives you a longer reaction time to see and hit pitches when you apply it. It’s GUARANTEED to do this. As a result, any player who consistently applies this will hit more line drives, have much fewer strike outs, and virtually eliminate any more ground outs and pop-ups. At first I thought it was crazy when I learned about it, but now I’m convinced. I did some research and found that more pro players are now starting to use this technique as well. I found it on What do you think about it?

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