Holding runner on 2nd?
April 26, 2005 11:31PM
How should I approach my Son's Coach about the 2nd baseman or SS holding a runner on 2nd with 2 outs as if they were a 1st baseman? This obviously, only creates a gaping hole in your defense, when you should be concentrating on the batter! I casually mentioned this during the last game to the assistant coach by saying," I sure hope they don't hit the ball in that hole at 2nd!?" He threw his arms up, as if to say,"Oh well!" I was floored! I have to be careful of the way I say this to the Head Coach, because I am supposed to be taking over as Assistant Coach soon. Any suggestions? Also, How do I tell the Head Coach he should keep his butt in the 3rd base Coaches Box especially, when runners are on base? A couple of games ago a player on 1st tried to advance to 3rd on a single to CF and was thrown out. The Coach was over at the Dugout (where he is normally), talking to the players on the bench!?! His comment to the play...the runner should have known better than to advance on a ball hit to that defensive position! Hmmmm... Then, why have a Coach, if the players should know better? Also, why wasn't he in position to hold the runner? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.
Holding runner on 2nd?
May 18, 2005 12:23PM

I understand your position and enjoy those who are willing to coach/ teach/ play baseball the "right way." What age group are we speaking about? No matter what the sport, the game needs to be fun, especially at a young age.

When you take over as the Assistant Coach, you can give subtle hints...You can supervise the dugout and give him the opportunity to coach...or vice versa. You can also explain your position with the runner on 2nd base; it's often better to inform the coach before you instruct your kids in a round-a-bout way.

I recommend expressing your knowledge to the coach in practice once you take over as the assistant coach. It's tough to communicate with coaches as a parent...Hopefully you'll feel more comfortable when you become a coach.


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