Jo Smith
Salaries and Stipends
October 05, 2011 09:21AM
I am an Athletic Director at a small independent school in MA and wondering what other AD's earn - do you receive a stipend or on salary? Part time or full time? and do you teach at the school as well?

I am also looking to see what the average Middle School coaching stipend is? I am looking to add assistant coaches to my program but am not sure how much they should get paid compared to head coaches.

Any advice would be helpful!
blake gallacher
Re: Salaries and Stipends
February 13, 2012 04:53PM
I am not an ad but i am currently studying in grad school to become an ad.
I know that when i was playing college baseball in 2011my pitching coach made 8 grand and he had been there for 4years. He made most of his money doing lessons at the baseball facility. So i wouldnt go anywhere cloae to that figure but let the assistant coaches do lessons. I would also look into hiring recent college grads that played at a high level of competition. This will give you leverage on how much to pay them because they are fresh out of college looking for work.
I also would like to ask you if you or anyone that you know are in need of an intern that is studying to become an ad. Please let me know if this information was useful and if you could help me out with my job search.
blake gallacher
Re: Salaries and Stipends
March 07, 2012 10:49AM
See this article for a discussion on high school AD salaries in central Ohio high schools.


You might be able to find AD salary information for public high schools in Mass. by searching on a district's/town's website.


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