John Iannucci
August 08, 2007 11:13AM

I finished my quarterback manual on the option and have been self distributing it on the internet. I've sold about 140 but am now looking for a distributor. (I do not want to sell away publishing rights.)

I am also finishing up a 6 hour DVD on the TRiple and a second and third book on "The definitive Coaching job search and interview" and "setting the rules - why we were able to turn around so many programs and why we failed in others." ( a systematic set of rules for turning around a losing program.)

I have 32 years of coaching experience including taking 5 different schools into their respective playoffs and 8 years of colleg coaching.
Do you distribute?

Re: publishing
August 08, 2007 03:47PM
Coach -

Please email me at

I look forward to speaking with you! Have a great day.

Nate Landas
Re: publishing
February 26, 2016 12:29AM
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