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June 08, 2005 03:08AM
I'm looking for something to condition my athletes as when as implant Good technique and Wrestling Fundamentals, is this tape going to do that?
I have limited time in practice and alot of kids don't have time on their own or aren't disciplined enough to do it at home. I have Tom Ryan's tape series as well as all 3 Mills & Krepp Drilling series and I'm looking for another tape to add SPARK,ENTHUSIASM and GREAT CONDITIONING to my practices. I always try to keep my kids on their toes by not letting know what to expect in practice and not make practice BORING. I would like to start to impliment some of these rills this Summer during OPEN MATS and would like your advice.

Coach Shaddock
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November 13, 2005 02:20PM

I also coach and am looking for a "good" DVD on conditioning drills/circuits etc. I would like to know what is the primary difference in the Dennis Hall Tape versus others (Krepps, Ryan Etc)?

I was also looking at the advanced "Wartburg" DVD. However I have some questions with all of these. The "Wartburg" DVD's are one of the few that dont list the time length of the instruction??

The Krepps tapes are one of the few that dont allow you to view a clip on the web site. It leave questions regarding both.

I have the Cody/Combative Games and found it to offer almost nothing new. In other words all of the information on that tape was pretty much obvious common games so I am not going to go for his (Cody's) Combative drills.

I do have a Dennis Hall 'Throws' tape which I found to be excellent.

What's your recommendation for a DVD that offers good challenging conditioning drills & circuits?

David Bryan Elkins
El Dorado Hills, Ca.
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November 15, 2005 02:00AM
Do you anticipate the Dennis Hall Conditioning Tape to be on DVD in the near future?

Also what is your take on the Tricia Saunders 'from the feet' DVD -versus- Townsend Saunders' Throws video?

I really want some more good throwing instruction. However in your clips Tricia seems to be a good communicator with a lot of energy, with a few throws. I also prefer the DVD format. Townsend's throw video is listed only as a video. Will his throw video be avail. on DVD soon?

Thanks in advance
Bryan Elkins
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November 14, 2005 04:33PM
Thanks for your quick & complete reply.

I should be ordering this week.

David Bryan Elkins
El Dorado Hills, Ca.
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June 21, 2004 01:05PM
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June 09, 2005 12:12PM
Yes, this would be an excellent video for you. It provides excellent information and increases attitude and conditioning levels of athletes. If you have further questions, feel free to contact:
Welcome to the Wrestling Community!
November 14, 2005 01:22PM
Hello Bryan,

The [b:43ef7ed88f]The Wartburg Drill System[/b:43ef7ed88f] is brand new and the minutes aren't on the website yet. However, please find the length below:
[b:43ef7ed88f]Wartburg Drill System: Beginning Drills[/b:43ef7ed88f](43 minutes)
[b:43ef7ed88f]Wartburg Drill System: Advanced Drills[/b:43ef7ed88f] (33 minutes)
[b:43ef7ed88f]Wartburg Drill System: Conditioning Drills[/b:43ef7ed88f] (31 minutes)

The Krepps videos are outside productions, and we are unable to offer preview clips for these vides.

The Dennis Hall video is excellent. He provides over 15 drills that will work conditioning and technique. These drills incorporate wrestling techniques in 30 second, two minute, six minute gos that will get the wrestler’s heartbeat up and simulate match conditions. He explains why he uses these drills and how they will benefit the wrestler.

The Wartburg Conditioning drills is also very well done. The difference between this and the Hall video is that these drills use "equipment" and very little wrestling technique. The drills incorporate areodyne bikes, stretchy ropes, plates (weights) pull-up bars, tires, rocks and sand bags. These drills are to be used in addition to (not instead of ) the coach’s regular weight/conditioning program.

I think the Ryan and the Krepps videos focus more on drills that will improve a wrestler’s technique – not so much on conditioning. However, I’m sure a coach could modify the Krepps video into a conditioning tape. Krepps’ Getting Better, Faster in Wrestling series does include a conditioning circuit. The 12x12 weight (on WRV2028) is a nice little circuit they use at the end of the season to get ready for tournament. The 10-station circuit featured on the other two tapes is the same on both and almost the same (just a few different variations) as Hall’ 6-minute circuit.

I think you'd be very happy with both Hall’s and the Wartburg tapes. They would compliment each other very well. Personally, if I had to choose between the two, I would pick Hall’s because of the dual technique/conditioning workout aspect.

Welcome to the Wrestling Community!
November 15, 2005 12:05PM

I would assume the Dennis Hall video will be available on DVD, but I'm not sure if it'll be done anytime soon.

The Tricia Saunders DVD is a bit freestyle based, and would be great for beginners. The Townsend Saunders Throws video is good, as it is all throws. I'm doubtful that this video will be on DVD anytime soon.



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