I'm developed a Triathlon Training Log for running, swimming and cycling (DailyTrain.com) that helps athletes of all types to maintain a daily training log/record. It allows users to record all the workouts that they have done; create training, exercise, and objectives charts; view these charts and workouts online; and much more. All of the site’s features are fully integrated and user-friendly.

If improving your training, your performance, and your quality of life and having an organized record of your athletic development are among your personal and athletic goals, DailyTrain is the answer. Join us and give it a try today!

If you practice swimming, running, cycling, cooper, jogging, triathlon, biathlon, duathlon, or any sports activity, and want to keep all your trainings available at any moment, from anywhere, Daily Train is the right place to do it!

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DailyTrain Team
Triathlon Training Log for running, swimming and cycling

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