VHS options
October 02, 2006 07:26PM

I've bought many VHS tapes and DVDs from Championship Productions throughout the past couple of years...I've been a very satisifed customer from day one.

My question is regarding tapes that are only available on VHS.
Are there plans to eventually convert all the VHS selections to DVD?
Is there anything that we can get in the meantime, perhaps a transcript of the tape.

I recently ordered Pat Smith's Duckunders and Peekouts and it is only available on VHS.
The tape was eaten on the very first play about 15 minutes into it.

Most of my purchases have been DVD format, but I do have about 8 or 9 Championship Production tapes in VHS format that I am now worried about playing again.
VHS options
October 03, 2006 04:42PM

I'm sure we'll convert some VHS items to DVD, however, we have not made any decisions.

This particular VHS item will most likely not make the conversion list, but John Smith's Becoming a Champion DVD touches on this topic. Transcripts are unavailable and we currently have a limited stock of this particular item. Please contact myself, or Championship Productions if you have any questions.


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