Crotch lift defence
February 24, 2010 08:36AM
We wrestle freestyle in high school in Canada. My aggressive attacking kids often get countered in their hi-c and double attacks with a crotchlift. Although I teach different counters to this counter, I always want a few more. Anyone know of any dvds specifically dealing with this situation? Related topic is a bodylock counter throw.
Re: Crotch lift defence
March 03, 2010 10:58AM
Hello –

Unfortunately, we don’t offer too many counter-to-a-counter technique DVDs. However, there are a couple that you may want to check out that could help you …

Ben Askren’s Funk Defense from the Feet (WRD-2782): Here, Askren breaks down his three main "funk" techniques from the feet: the Pass, Double Ankles and a move he calls: "The World's Best Unknown Move.” In addition, he provides counters to each move, as well as a defense against each counter. As a bonus he also shares his defensive technique against the High Crotch and Double Leg takedowns. Even though some of his style doesn’t translate well to the freestyle arena, Askren has found some success with these techniques on the international level.


John Smith’s Scrambling - Scoring from a Bad Position (WRD-2582): Coach Smith looks at a number of common "bad" situations you find yourself in once you get stopped on a takedown attempt - and how to come out of those positions and score. He concentrates on two main areas - the single leg and high crotch. These techniques are the same ones he used with great success - winning six consecutive world championships


John Smith’s Defense from the Feet (WRD-2100A): Coach Smith covers defensive technique in five areas: High Crotch defense, single leg defense, chest over head, leg in the air and sprawling. Each section includes at least three different wrestling techniques, which include: sit through, body lock, butt drag, limp leg and more.


These DVDs give you insight on proven techniques and can give you a fresh perspective on how to solve your problem.
Re: Crotch lift defence
September 08, 2013 05:11PM
Sounds like what you are talking about is finishing from the crack-down position. If so, Chris Pendleton's video is very good.

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