shell drill
May 23, 2005 09:49AM
[b:01738b925f]Hi coaches, i'm trying to find out which defensive tape has the best use of and explanation of the shell drill and it variants.
i currently have the Dave Odem, bill Herrion(indv & team) tapes.
any reconmindations would be great.[/b:01738b925f]
shell drill
June 27, 2005 08:32AM

The two videos I'll recommend provide excellent information on man-to-man defenses. In these videos, you'll find the shell drill (amongst many more drills) that teach your players to contain and shut down any offense by contesting every shot and pass, refusing to be screened, and securing every rebound as you build a winning team defense!

[b:df4fc16cc3]Roy Williams: The Carolina Defensive Numbering System & Drills[/b:df4fc16cc3]
[b:df4fc16cc3]The Nutshell Defense[/b:df4fc16cc3] by [b:df4fc16cc3]Larry Gipson[/b:df4fc16cc3]



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