New Releases for March!
January 19, 2005 09:37AM
The following videos will appear in the [b:3a2f9f18f3]March Catalog:[/b:3a2f9f18f3]

[b:3a2f9f18f3]Kay Yow: 13 Individual & Team Drills for Improvement[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Bruce Weber: 20 Drills for Full & Half Court Man to Man Defense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Tim Welsh: Installing the 3-Out-2-In & 2-Out-2-In Low Zone Offensive System[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Pete Newell: 14 Big Man Moves & Skill Development[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Kelvin Sampson: Building the Competitive Fire - Developing a Strong Team Identity[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Kelvin Sampson: The Continuity Box Offense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Jay Wright: 15 Great 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense Plays[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Dana Altman: The Complete Guide to the High Post vs. Any Defense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]C. Vivian Stringer: The 55 Full Court Pressure Defense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Tony Barone: The "X" Zone Offense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Phil Martelli: 14 Ways to Build Mental & Physical Toughness in Practice[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Sylvia Hatchell: How to Win with the Fastbreak[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Andy Landers: Building a Tenacious Full-Court Pressure Defense [/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Jim Foster: The Multi-Purpose Zone Offense[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Jim Whitesell: 19 Winning Set Plays[/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Dave Odom: How to Beat Any Pressure Defense![/b:3a2f9f18f3]
[b:3a2f9f18f3]Tara Vanderveer: 25 Offensive Practice Drills for Success[/b:3a2f9f18f3]

We are also releasing the series: [b:3a2f9f18f3]Becoming a Champion Basketball Player[/b:3a2f9f18f3]. This series consists of 7 DVDs:

The Scorer
The Perimeter Player
Five-Star's Individual Improvement Program
The Point Guard
The Post Player
Five-Star's Training Program for Elite Athletes
The Rebounder

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