West Virginia Offense
January 02, 2007 09:03AM
Can anybody tell me what type of offense John Beilein is running at West Virginia. Is it a system he made up or did he get it from someone else. Everytime I look at his team I really like the offense, I was just wondering if anybody had information on it.
Les Cano593
Re: West Virginia Offense
June 12, 2007 01:49PM
It's a variation of the Princeton offense...he calls it the two guard offense.
Usually they run a 2-3 offense, set high, with the post in the middle to set screens or pop-out for a two or three point shot.

Your bigs need to be able to hit outside shots to make this work...this is also true of the Princeton. Also they have to be able to make one handed passes to back cutters from the wing.

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