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Could someone tell me what form of Match-up his defense is? Is it like a point zone type defense or more like a 1-3-1 match-up? The other question I have in regards to the match-up defense is what is the best one to use if you have a small team with no post players? Thanks for your time.
What Type of Match-up is Mike Deane: Inside Out Match-Up Zon
November 27, 2006 04:35PM
Hello Coach,

The [b:dadb9f14b5]Mike Deane: Inside Out Match-Up Zone[/b:dadb9f14b5] DVD includes his 2-2-1 press and then covers his match-up zone they retreat to. I would consider his match-up zone to be a 3-2, a great defense to defend the perimeter.

If you lack size, I recommend fronting the post no matter what defense you run. If you're short and quick, you also may want to look into a 1-1-3 defense. There are three pretty good DVDs out there on the 1-1-3:

[b:dadb9f14b5]Bob Huggins: The Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense[/b:dadb9f14b5]
[b:dadb9f14b5]Terri Mitchell: The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense[/b:dadb9f14b5]
[b:dadb9f14b5]Lute Olson: 1-1-3 and 1-3-1 Match-Up Zone Defenses[/b:dadb9f14b5]


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