pressure zone defense
November 02, 2006 12:18PM
Mr. Landas or others,

Is Marquette coach Teri Mitchell's 1-1-3 aggressive zone similar to Joe Mckeown's Blizzard zone and Bob Huggin's 1-1-3 pressure zone? Mr. Landas, which of these three videos do you feel is the best for teaching this defense?
pressure zone defense
November 03, 2006 09:25AM

[b:1690f1f220]Terri Mitchell: The Aggressive 1-1-3 Zone Defense[/b:1690f1f220] is a great video. Her 1-1-3 system is very solid up front and there aren't as many slides...and really is a man-to-man defense on your own "island" philosophy.

[b:1690f1f220]Bob Huggins: The Pressure 1-1-3 Zone Defense[/b:1690f1f220] is is very similar to Amoeba Zone Defense. If you're looking for more of an Amoeba Defense, I suggest the Bob Higgins DVD or the[b:1690f1f220]UNLV Amoeba Zone Defense[/b:1690f1f220] with Jerry Tarkanian.


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