matchup zones? Mr. Landis
November 02, 2006 10:25AM
Mr. Landis or anyone who can answer,

Is Michigan St. Coach McCallie's matchup zone pretty close to a traditional 1-2-2 zone? I'm looking for a matchup zone video that is a little different than traditional zones. Something that other coaches have to prepare for. Has anyone seen Dave Loos's 2-1-2 matchup zone video? Is this defense unique or is it similar to Syracuse's 2-3 matchup zone?

Mr. Landis, what do you recommend? Hewitt's Point Zone video, Mcallie's matchup, Loos's 2-1-2 matchup, Mitchell's 1-1-3 aggressive zone video, Mike Deane's Inside-Out Matchup zone video? Any comments you can provide on these products would be much appreciated.
matchup zones? Mr. Landis
November 02, 2006 02:57PM
Of the defensive systems you've listed, the Pual Hewitt tape on the Point Zone is the most unique and effective. This system was used by Coach Dean Smith, and Coach Hewitt has utilized at times to both change his defensive look and puzzle opponents. You can vary the alignment to force the offense to react to what you're doing rather than the other way around. The rebounding responsibilities are clearly defined, and if you want to hide a weaker defender that's also addressed.
matchup zones? Mr. Landis
November 02, 2006 03:08PM
Is the point zone easy to teach and easy for players to learn? I would like to implement it throughout the program (high school - jr. high). Is it too complicated for younger age groups?

Also, is it a pressure style zone like the 1-1-3 or is it more of a packed in passive zone? Thanks for your comments.
matchup zones? Mr. Landis
November 03, 2006 09:37AM

[b:f72683cdab]Paul Hewitt: The 3-2 "Point Zone Defense" [/b:f72683cdab] can be easy to install, however, it will be more complex than a regular 3-2 Zone Defense. The Point Zone Defense is more of a passive defense (in comparison to the 1-1-3) and focuses on cutting down the passing lanes while guarding / protecting the basket. There's always someone around the basket, and should help your team on the boards.

With this said, we're in the production phase with another Point Zone Defensive DVD with Coach Dean Smith who was very successful with this defense.


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