Question for Mr. Landas
April 22, 2005 10:56AM
What are some tapes that might be good for High school girl's basketball. What types of offenses? I am new to this side of basketball and need some "out of the box" ideas for offenses.

So you like the Doug Bruno stuff, but it would be hard to learn? Why is that? Just wondering.

I just want to spiece up my "box" series of set plays.

Are there any women's basketball videos that are really good? Also what do you think of Bruce Pearl's videos? Thanks for your assistance.
Question for Mr. Landas
April 23, 2005 09:38AM
Check out Gonzaga's Special Loop Offense.

This is a great out of the box offense and coach Kelly Graves breaks down the 10 or more different options on the court. In an easy to understand format.

He does a great job of explaining what to look for and the various counters that you can use if the defense tries to take it away. As coach Graves says when he runs motion offense its easy to loose the "go to" player on the team were as this offense is great for focusing in on your best players to ensure that they get the ball.

At the end of the tape there are a great selection of breakdown drills that help the players to read the defense and take advantage of the weaknessÂ’

This offense has been easy for me to teach and even better it has been easy for the girls to get some good scores off of. I use this offense versus man and 3 quick hitters against a zone. The combination has seen the team go from last in our division the year before I took over to 3rd (of 8 teams) and a we also won a tournament knocking out the actual division champs in the 2nd round.
Question for Mr. Landas
April 27, 2005 01:18PM

There are a couple of offenses that I recommend for Girls basketball:

[b:48cd59c33c]Geno Auriemma: Teaching the High Post and Triangle Offenses [/b:48cd59c33c]
[b:48cd59c33c]Kristy Curry: Installing a Comprehensive Zone Attack [/b:48cd59c33c]
[b:48cd59c33c]Sylvia Hatchell: How to Win with the Fastbreak [/b:48cd59c33c]
[b:48cd59c33c]Jim Foster: The Multi-Purpose Zone Offense [/b:48cd59c33c]

Other offenses I would recommend are:

[b:48cd59c33c]Ben Braun: The Complete Guide to Ball Screening[/b:48cd59c33c]
[b:48cd59c33c]Dana Altman: The Complete Guide to the High Post Offense vs. Any Defense[/b:48cd59c33c]
[b:48cd59c33c]Jim Whitesell: 19 Winning Set Plays[/b:48cd59c33c]

Doug Bruno's tape is very well done; however, his system is complex and your players may have a tough time adjusting. If you have a talented group, this would be an excellent video because it's very difficult to defend and scout.

Bruce Pearl's videos are also very well done. His instruction is very thorough; he provides you with all the tips, plays, etc. that they've got.


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