Top 5 Videos
August 23, 2004 07:03PM
OK folks list your top 5 videos for any coach at any level and why:

Here is my list:
[b:45c035e81c]1. Jerry Petitgoue - All of his tapes. [/b:45c035e81c]
I know its a cheat but our club bought a few of his tapes to develop our younger players and to show to our junior coaches. We now have all of the tapes and use 90% of his drills for our feeder systems.

[b:45c035e81c]2. The UCLA 1-4 High Offence by Jim Saia[/b:45c035e81c]
Coach Saia produces a tape that is in-depth enough to allow us to use against high level competition teams and simple enough to be able to teach to our U16 and U18 squads. We have adapted his offence to suit our needs as we go up against a lot of zone defence and I must admit that his Wing entry section is totally man defence orientated were as the post entry can be used (which we do) against either man or zone defence.

[b:45c035e81c]3. The Flex Plus and Motion Offenses by John Kresse[/b:45c035e81c]
Coach Kresse presents such a fantastic video that I cannot help but recommend it. Although I do not run the Flex it certainly provides the viewer with plenty of ideas well recommended.

[b:45c035e81c]4. North Carolina's Defensive System by Matt Doherty[/b:45c035e81c]
Although this tape is not really based on how to build your team defence from the ground up there is a wealth of hints and tips here that I and my fellow coaches have instantly worked into our teaching and we are already seeing the benefits of this in the way our players play defence. And what’s even better is that the video is now just $19.99

[b:45c035e81c]5. Fran Fraschilla - Skill development drills[/b:45c035e81c]
A range of good drills from a fantastic teacher. I have adapted these drills to suit our own teams needs and I think without needing much imagination so could anyone else. I just love the progressions that Coach Fraschilla shows the players.

[b:45c035e81c]One to avoid[/b:45c035e81c]Sooner Intensity Drills - Kevin Sampson
Maybe it’s just me but I didn't find these drills that intense or original. I know that with a sport like basketball there is a certain amount of copying but a lot of this stuff is drills that I learned to teach my juniors which have since been replaced by drills from coaches like Fraschilla and Petitgoue. I find it difficult to believe that a video that shows players as slow, unchallenged and seemingly uninterested as this should have a title with the word Intensity firmly embedded in it. Pre-practice drills at best.
Top 5 Videos
August 25, 2004 08:31AM
A sneak preview of a tape that will be available on Sept. 1: Ben Braun's 30 Fundamental Drills for Daily Improvement.--A FANTASTIC VIDEO![/quote:77a8ca41ea]

Speaking of new tapes. Is there a way to periodically find out what new tapes are on the horizon? Maybe a once a month or so post in a "new product" thread listing new products that will be available in the near future. It would be helpful for planning out when to order materials, since I usually order several at a time. I am looking forward to that new Braun video.

Thanks again for the advice on those basketball tapes. I finally narrowed down my choices and ordered them this past weekend. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. Championship's customer service sets it apart from the rest.

Josh K.
Top 5 Videos
August 25, 2004 09:41AM
Thanks Nate,
I just noticed the "New Videos" thread. So much for my bright idea. :wink:

Top 5 Videos
August 25, 2004 10:23AM
I guess I will chime in with one of my favorites that you dont hear much about.

[u:c6910f1c5a]Jay Smith CMU - Competitive Drills for Post and Perimeter Players[/u:c6910f1c5a]
Even though it is an "Off the court" Lecture video. He does a good job of incorporating practice footage in his presentation. I found many of the drills simple and useful. We began incorporating his "Kentucky Help Side" series into our summer practices the day after I viewed the tape. He is interesting to listen to because he is so passionate about what he is doing. He believes in pressure defense and does it with limited athletes. If anyone has ever been to Mt. Pleasant (I lived there) or seen CMU's campus, you will really know what he is talking about.

Josh K.
Top 5 Videos
August 26, 2004 06:25PM

You listed some other good tapes I have a tape by Morgan Wooten and Steve Alford and I have seen a couple of my friends by Tubby Smith. All of which I was very impressed with.

However, the question I was asking was really: each coach has their own style of teaching and philosophy of basketball situations. Given your own separate style and put into the position of having to coach a team for a season or two which 5 tapes would you select to help you to show your team how to play offense, defense and all of the rest?

The selections that I have made would probably show quite well my own coaching tendencies. What about yours?
Top 5 Videos
August 27, 2004 11:05AM
[quote:d6e8f3c8d1="jaywizz"]Given your own separate style and put into the position of having to coach a team for a season or two which 5 tapes would you select to help you to show your team how to play offense, defense and all of the rest?

The selections that I have made would probably show quite well my own coaching tendencies. What about yours?[/quote:d6e8f3c8d1]

That is an interesting question. If you think about it, you could tell a lot about a coach and his program, by what videos, he holds as favorites. Quite often, you watch a video and see something that may be a sound concept/practice, but it doesnt apply to your style or situation, thus it doesnt have quite the impact. The Jay Smith video I listed above is probably one that doesnt apply to everyone, but since it fits my style/situation it is high on my list. I will take a look at my videos and try to fill out my top 5. I encourage others to do the same, we could get some interesting discussion out of this. Great topic jaywizz.

Josh k.
Top 5 Videos
August 24, 2004 05:42PM
Dear Jaywizz,

You have listed some very good instructional videos.
Jerry Petitgoue's videos are very informative and well done. Coach Petitgoue is a masterful teacher in whatever topic. I would like to point you in the direction of two other well-respected coaches in regards to youth basketball and program development tapes.
#1 : [b:5280dbc065]Morgan Wooten[/b:5280dbc065]: He has 5 tapes that are designed for foundations of a successful basketball program.
#2: [b:5280dbc065]Stan Jones and the Future Stars Series[/b:5280dbc065]- His 5 tapes are some of the most informative and well-demonstrated instructional videos ever done.

We are in the process of working with another very successful high school and college coach in the same areas of Foundations and Program Development.

On the topic of 1-4 offenses... Some of the best selling videos ever made are in this category.
One of the most respected college basketball coaches and USA Jr. National Team coach, [b:5280dbc065]Kelvin Sampson[/b:5280dbc065], has produced the Oklahoma 1-4 High Offense, Quick Hitters for the Oklahoma 1-4 High Offense, and Controlling Tempo With a 1-4 High Half-Court Offense. Sampson's 3 pack dealing with instesity on offense and defense has been three of the best selling tapes that we have sold. He is one of the most sought after clinicians and authors in basketball today.
Another Coach with a great video on the 1-4 High Offense is National Champion, [b:5280dbc065]Tubby Smith[/b:5280dbc065], who produced the Kentucky 1-4 High Offense.

John Kresse has the history of being one of the best teachers in basketball, ever. The Flex Offense is a topic in which we have spent a lot of time researching and securing the best possible coaches to demonstrate this highly successful man-to-man offense. [b:5280dbc065]Dick Davey[/b:5280dbc065] (Santat Clara University), [b:5280dbc065]Tom Davis [/b:5280dbc065](Drake University), [b:5280dbc065]Gary Williams [/b:5280dbc065](University of Maryland), and [b:5280dbc065]Mark Few[/b:5280dbc065] (Gonzaga University) all have outstanding tapes on the Flex Offense. We are in the process of editing [b:5280dbc065]Tubby Smith's [/b:5280dbc065]tape on the Flex. This tape will be available in a couple of months.

[b:5280dbc065]Matt Doherty's [/b:5280dbc065]Defensive Systems is a fantastic buy on sale for $19.99. To compliment this video, you should look at these Man-to-Man videos:
[b:5280dbc065]Roy Williams[/b:5280dbc065]: The Carolina Defensive Numbering System & Drills
[b:5280dbc065]Tom Izzo[/b:5280dbc065]: Dominating Rebounding & Man-to-Man Defensive Drills
[b:5280dbc065]Geno Auriemma[/b:5280dbc065]: 8 Essential Defensive Drills
[b:5280dbc065]Quin Snyder[/b:5280dbc065]: The Five Defensive Absolutes
[b:5280dbc065]Brian Gregory[/b:5280dbc065]: Blueprint for a Succesful Man-to-Man Defense
[b:5280dbc065]Larry Gipson[/b:5280dbc065]: The Nutshell Defense

You're right on with Fran Fraschilla. He is awesome on the court. I would recommend that you look at [b:5280dbc065]Kevin Eastman's[/b:5280dbc065] series on Individual Workout Program utilizing Chair Drills. [b:5280dbc065]Steve Alford's[/b:5280dbc065] 2 tapes: Ultimate Guard Development Drills & Ultimate Big Man Development Drills are outstanding tapes I also recommend. A sneak preview of a tape that will be available on Sept. 1: [b:5280dbc065]Ben Braun's[/b:5280dbc065] 30 Fundamental Drills for Daily Improvement.--A FANTASTIC VIDEO!
Top 5 Videos
August 31, 2004 03:44PM
My Top 5 List

1. [b:ccd47517b6]Tom Izzo[/b:ccd47517b6]: Dominationg Rebounding & Man-to-Man Defensive Drills
2. [b:ccd47517b6]Bill Donovan's[/b:ccd47517b6] 10 Aggressive Transition & Conditioning Drills
3. [b:ccd47517b6]Skip Prosser[/b:ccd47517b6]: Competitive Rebounding Drills
4. [b:ccd47517b6]Kermit Davis[/b:ccd47517b6]: The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense
5. [b:ccd47517b6]Steve Alford[/b:ccd47517b6]: Ultimate Big Man Development Drills

I would also like to add the following videos:

Steve Alford: Ultimate Guard Development Drills
Jim Boeheim's Complete Guide to the 2-3 Match-Up Zone
Kermit Davis' Total Man-to-Man : Defending the Ball Screen, Pick & Roll, Half-Court Trapping
Eric Musselman: Motivating Your Team
Ganon Baker: 35 Street Moves You Can Use

As you can tell, I'm more of a defensive minded Ex-Coach. There are too many great videos out there! With my coaching style, the philosophies displayed in these videos could very easily be implemented into my program. There is one tape I'd suggest every coach should get: [b:ccd47517b6]John Chaney's: Preventing Turnovers[/b:ccd47517b6]. He's a great example of how the game should be played in regards to teamwork and sportsmanship. Hopefully this answers your questions. If you would like to speak about any of my choices, give me a call!
Top 5 Videos
August 25, 2004 09:36AM
Hey Josh,
Thanks for you input. We have a list of videos that are waiting to be edited. Once we know what will be availble in the next catalog, we'll post these videos on the Basketball Forum: "New Videos." If you have any other questions or comments, let us know! We'll add the videos available in the September catalog today.

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