What are some of the top videos in the category of Flex offense and Match-up press??? Plus.... Just any video or book that is extremely good. Has anyone seen any of Mike Dunlap's videos? I am a former college coach that excelled in recruiting and trying to brush up on some x's and o's.
Mr. Landas,

I just wanted to thank you for the information. I have the Gary Williams tape and thought that It was decent. Do you know anyone that has some different wrinkles on the flex offense?

Have you seen the Doug Bruno (Depaul) offensive set tape, Kelvin Sampson "developing a strong team identity" tape, Dan Dakich "Teaching the five man motion offense" tape, Bill Self "HI-LOW" motion offense tape and breakdown drills for it.

Have you ever seen any of Mike Dunlap's tapes? I am just trying to adapt to girl's basketball after 12 years in men's college basketball. It just seems like things have to be extremely structured on the offensive side.

I really appreciate your time.
Mr. Landas,

I am just looking for a structured offensive that will give me some options. My high school girls couldn't pick up my 4 out/ 1 or 5 man motion offense that I picked up from Coach Knight. They couldn't handle all the options and I even scaled it back alot. So I junked it and ran all sets. We really improved from that point on..... but, when we got to the playoffs. They had us really scouted out well.

I am just looking for something new. I heard that Doug Bruno stuff is different. What is his offense like? I still plan on using sets, but I want some different stuff. I am looking a flex and swing offenses right now. Just trying to find the right fit.

If you have any suggestions then please let me know.
I have seen all of his videos. His vidoes, program, teams, and system are second to none. Coaches who don't study Dunlap are sadly mistaken. He is the real deal- only Coach K is better. Period.
Flex Offense / Match-up press - The Top Five Videos ......
September 01, 2005 09:08PM
Why would you say Mike Dunlap's videos are OK compared to the other videos you have suggested? What do the other videos offer compare to Dunlap's and/or what is Dunlap's videos missing?

Tubby Smith just came out with the video: 10 Variations of the Kentucky Flex Offense. This video appears to be what you're looking for. Coach Smith does an excellent job in this video! Leon Rice's video is also good if you're looking for some quick hitters.

Doug Bruno's video is new. He does an outstanding job...but may be a challenging system to implement. It's a great system, but may take some time.

Kelvin Sampson's and Dan Dakich's videos are also new. Coach Sampson is a great communicator, and Dakich does and excellent job teaching the five man motion offense...Learning from the "the Master" (Bobby Knight), he provides you with a everything you need to know with an "on-court" demonstration.

Bill Self's videos are a little older, though, are a few of the best selling tapes ever. Coach Self provides you with an overview of the Hi-Low motion offense, and then provides you with drills to perfect the Hi-Low motion offense.

Mike Dunlap's video are OK. He is a great coach and provides useful information.

If the 4-Out- 1 In Motion was difficult for your players to pick up, I recommend the following videos:

[b:f85727545e]Ben Braun: The Complete Guide to Ball Screening[/b:f85727545e]
[b:f85727545e]Geno Auriemma: Teaching the High Post and Triangle Offenses [/b:f85727545e]
[b:f85727545e]Dana Altman: The Complete Guide to the High Post Offense vs. Any Defense[/b:f85727545e]
[b:f85727545e]Jim Whitesell: 19 Winning Set Plays[/b:f85727545e]

Doug Bruno's tape is very well done also; however, his system is complex and your players may have a tough time adjusting. This offense is outstanding and very difficult to scout and defend because of the various options.

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