Defense Videos
March 17, 2005 11:52AM
I am interested in doing more scramble/pressure like defenses with my team(HS). Jim Larranaga videos appear to meet my needs. I just saw a Cheryl Burnett video which refers to Coach Larranaga, Smith & Knight. Do you suggest any of these videos as a solid foundation or are there 2-3 other videos you would suggest.
Defense Videos
March 18, 2005 12:20PM
[b:6cf893cffd]Cheryl Burnett[/b:6cf893cffd] does a phenomonal job in The Complete Guide to the Run & Jump Scramble Defense. Coach Burnett acquired this defensive system from a few of the best collegiate coaches. This video provides demonstrations along with drills to improve your defense.

For similar videos that aren't classified as "Scramble Defenses," view the products from the following authors:

[b:6cf893cffd]C. Vivian Stringer[/b:6cf893cffd]
[b:6cf893cffd]Bobby Gonzalez[/b:6cf893cffd]
[b:6cf893cffd]Andy Landers: Building a Tenacious Full Court Pressure Defense[/b:6cf893cffd] (Brand new)

If you're interested in learning about the 2-3 Zone, I suggest the videos by [b:6cf893cffd]Jim Boeheim[/b:6cf893cffd] and [b:6cf893cffd]Wayne Morgan[/b:6cf893cffd] . Boeheim has one of the most respected minds on the zone and match-up zone defense while Morgan was taught the ins and outs of the 2-3 zone during his coaching tenure under Boeheim. Morgan outlines the fundamentals of the 2-3 zone while providing you with a couple trap scenarios.

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