Jerry Petitgoue
June 03, 2006 04:49AM
Much praise has gone to coach Petitgoue's 5 out DVD. I'm sure I will be adding it to my collection soon. Has anyone seen his youth transtion tape? I was wondering if it is worth adding. Part of my job as a frosh coach is putting info together for our youth program. We push the ball in our program and want to do all we can to get the kids running effectivly as young as we can. Many of the other transtion tape I have our to advanced for most of our "mom and Dad" coaches.

Also does anyone know if any of the 4 out 1 in tapes cover or show a continutiy set? most are pure motion which we run but having a patterned set may help our young kids.

Jerry Petitgoue
June 16, 2006 10:19AM

The Jerry Petitgoue Youth Transition video is very good, and it will be simple for mom and dad coaches to grasp the concepts and teach. I like it better than any other youth fastbreak video I have seen. I run a girls youth basketball club and all of my teams ages 10u-14u run this fast break. It's a numbered break and he even includes a pretty good secondary the can be ran as a offense itself. The secondary maybe be too advance for a younger group especially one that is new to orginized competitive non recreational ball, but the older middle school ages should be able to grasp it as well. I highly recommend.
Jerry Petitgoue
November 30, 2006 06:41PM
Petitgoue's videos are excellent. He is a great teacher. Easy to follow. Covers the principles as well as the details

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