Workout Videos
May 31, 2006 09:42PM
Looking to improve my high school players over the summer months with individual and team workouts. Which are the best ?

[i:1cfce12e7a]Gannon Baker (35 street moves) (22 Game time moves)
Kevin Eastmen
5 Star[/i:1cfce12e7a]

I've heard nothing but positive comments about G.Bakers stuff, however I was not sure if those 2 specific videos are anything a H.S. Boys coach would want to use with his players for skill improvement @ a team workout... Thanks Coach W.
Workout Videos
June 02, 2006 10:48AM
Every video produced by [b:5c072b4d2a]Ganon Baker [/b:5c072b4d2a] is phenomenal. He has excellent drills and his passion for the game makes every drill intense. I'd recommend his videos for any individual improvement (on their own).

I would also suggest:
[b:5c072b4d2a]Mike Krzyzewski Duke Basketball 6-Pack[/b:5c072b4d2a]
[b:5c072b4d2a]Kevin Sutton 2-Pack[/b:5c072b4d2a]
[b:5c072b4d2a]Steve Alford Instruction[/b:5c072b4d2a]

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