Video questions-meaty?
April 02, 2005 07:09PM
Just a few questions on videos.

Here is a rundown on what I look for in videos. (offensive or defensive)

1. Do they explain the concept with game footage?
2. Do they explain breakdown drills? (Or have breakdown drills)
3. Do they explain counters or things the opposition will try to do to stop you?
4. Do they explain the concept on the video with a offense or defense on the court so you can see how to attack the opposition? Example: If its a offense video, show a defense against it and how to attack it on key points.
5. Good demonstraters who run the concepts correctly.

With this in mind, what do you think is the best man offense video out right now meeting these criteria?

Best man defense video?

Would Steve Merfields Full House Weave, Paul Hewitts 4 out 1 in, or Larry Gipsons motion offense meet these criteria?

Would Vivian Stringer's or Andy Lander's full ct defense videos fit these criteria?

Video questions-meaty?
April 04, 2005 12:39PM
Hello Coach,

The videos you've selected are great. With the exception of game footage, all videos meet the criteria. I have listed a few favorites below:

I recommend the following man-to-man offensive videos:
[b:310c977fcc]Paul Hewitt[/b:310c977fcc]
[b:310c977fcc]Geno Auriemma[/b:310c977fcc]
[b:310c977fcc]Steve Merfeld[/b:310c977fcc]

I recommend the following man-to-man defensive videos:
[b:310c977fcc]Larry Gipson[/b:310c977fcc]
[b:310c977fcc]Brian Gregory[/b:310c977fcc]

Depending on your coaching philosophy, you have some great options to consider. Please view the descriptions and sample clips to best suit your needs. If you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact Thom McDonald or myself.



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