Mark Few Motion Tape or Jay Wright Motion Tape
March 24, 2005 01:01PM
If you were going to buy a 4 out, 1 in motion tape, which of these two would you get?

Also, how is the Dan Dakich 5 Man Motion Tape?

Would appreciate anyone's views on these three tapes and why you bought them or would buy them.
Mark Few Motion Tape or Jay Wright Motion Tape
March 25, 2005 10:24AM

All three videos are great...I will give you some insight of each video.

[b:f645013105]Jay Wright[/b:f645013105]: This video is great if you have trouble getting the basketball to your "go to" player. He provides the basic set-up of the motion offense as well as 15 set plays and four out of bounds plays. This video has been real popular since it hit the market a few weeks ago (Also has a great drill video).

[b:f645013105]Mark Few[/b:f645013105]: This is one of the best selling tapes of all time. Few provides the basics of his motion offense (proper footwork, screens, cuts, and reads) and also demonstrates 15 breakdown drills. This video is a great overview as it provides the fundamentals and drills to improve your offense.

[b:f645013105]Dan Dakich[/b:f645013105]: The is a new video that provides excellent information. Coach Dakich is very detail oriented and does a great job of teaching. He provides the finer points of the offense, making it very difficult to stop.

I also suggest [b:f645013105]Paul Hewitt's[/b:f645013105] video. This video ranks among the top 3 basketball videos of all time. Hewitt does an excellent job explaining his offense and provides many drills to improve his players. This offense has led Georgia Tech to its recent success.


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