I think that this DVD is pretty good. He gives his whole philosophy behind playing team defense and then gives 5 drills that his team does every day without fail. He believes in playing "Elbow-Block" coverage defense which makes a lot of sense when you see it on the floor. He teaches a way to cover the pick and roll at the top of the key. This method is good for guys, I coach girls and I don't think that it would work for girls but nonetheless it is very good. His terminology is very easy to understand and to teach to kids. I think that his philosophy is very similar to Dick Bennet's "Pack Line" defense.

The next part goes over 5 offensive drills, which too is very good.

I would give this DVD 4 stars out of 5. I heard that his tape "Blueprint for a Successful Defense" is one of the best videos ever! I would love to purchase this tape, but Im nervous that things are repeated. 40 bucks is a lot of money.

Hope this helps
Hi Coach D

How would you rate the "Pack-line Defense"? Would you highly recommend this tape? Thanks in advance.
I was at the Nike Pittsburgh clinic a couple weeks ago and Dick Bennett gave a pretty good lecture about his defense. I would buy that video. However, the other coaches that I knew at the conference...one of those coaches went to the New York State championship this past year, said that they love that defense. WIth this defense there is a big emphasis on helping, yet your positioning does not stress recovering because you are already in a position to recover.
My friend who went to the NYS championship shifted to that defense this year and kept teams around 54 points a game.
Yet, to answer your question...I did not see the video that is on the market, yet I would definitely do some research on it.
take care
Has anyone purchased this dvd? Any opinions on it???

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