Jay Wright DVD's
April 15, 2006 07:47PM
Would like to know people's opinions on the Jay Wright DVDs.

As a coach in Australia they are expensive to buy and get shipped here so trying to make an informed decision.

Particularly interested in the defensive progressions dvd.
Jay Wright DVD's
April 19, 2006 01:06PM
I would advise you NOT to buy any of Jay Wright's 4out 1in motion tapes. It isn't really an effective offence b/c it doesn't allow the post inside to post up. He essentially has one post out at the high elbow who's only job is to ball screen and roll, while the other post (the low post) pops out to looking to do the same when he gets there. If you watched Villanova this year, they didn't even run the offence that is on this tape, They still had a 4out 1in formation , but the movement and cuts are quite different than in his tapes
I would recommend Paul Hewitt's 4out 1in instead.

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