New Videos are In!!!!
March 09, 2006 10:40AM
I am extremely excited about the new videos that are out this month...

I was about to order this video by Brian Gregory
[b:e0f7b4b394]Blueprint for Successful Man-To-Man Defense[/b:e0f7b4b394]
From the reviews that I have read on the Internet, this is a must have video that is above and beyond other man-to-man videos....

Yet, in the new catalog, Brian Gregory just came out with this video:
[b:e0f7b4b394]Brian Gregory: The 10 Best Practice Drills Ever[/b:e0f7b4b394]
And the description sounds very similar to his "Blueprint" video. Are there any differences or similarities? Which one is the better video to purchase. I am sure that each one is specifically unique, but for 39.95 + shipping and handling. I would like to find the one that gives the most details and information....The greater value...

Looking forward to hearing about the new [b:e0f7b4b394]Jay Wright videos[/b:e0f7b4b394] too...I grew up on the Main line and I recently watched one of his practices...he runs a great practice!!!!!
New Videos are In!!!!
March 09, 2006 02:54PM

Brian Gregory's videos are great! There isn't much information that overlaps, but there is some. Our sport directors recommend the new DVD as the information is great...and the practice drills are very useful.


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