The Best Offense?
April 10, 2006 06:25PM
Hello everybody,
Can someone tell me what they think the best offensive strategy out there,is? I believe you could make an argument for the 3out 2in offense, because, of the success experienced by the coaches who use it ( like Lute Olsen, Bill Self, and Jim Calhoun.) Or possibly the "Pricneton Offense" many good coaches use it like Joe Scott, and Rick Pitino. So, I was just alittle stuck when trying to figure out which offensive instructional video to purchase, so if there is any advice you could offer me, I welcome it.
Thank You.
The Best Offense?
April 17, 2006 02:54PM
I have bought many, many tapes/dvd's from championship productions and I would have to say if you can only buy 1 motion offence tape it should be Bill Self's High/Low. It is simple , relatively structured and very effective. I have adapted it to where I would call it a 4out- 1in high/low motion.
The Best Offense?
April 18, 2006 11:54AM

I would structure your offense around what talent that you have. You can't run anything, but if it doesn't fit your kids..... then you won't be able to run it well.

College coaches recruit to their system..... high school coaches adapt to their players.
The Best Offense?
April 18, 2006 12:04AM
Coach Canada,

Could you list the top 5 videos you like best (offense and defense)? Thanks in advance.

W Coach
The Best Offense?
May 19, 2006 12:23AM
Just discovered this message board tonight. Wish I had seen it sooner as you guys are right on point about some of the good and bad. Great help to avoid loosing money. That said, I have a bit of a library myself so if you dont mind, I too will chime in:

The Good:

[u:fd1587d658]Huggins Open Post Motion[/u:fd1587d658] - A great DVD to just teach kids how to play. If you are coaching at the youth, HS or Club levels, I can't recommend this highly enough. As I like to say, it just teaches players the right way to play.

[u:fd1587d658]Andy Wood Open Post with his Quick Hitters DVD[/u:fd1587d658] - This is a combination of 2 tapes on one DVD. He basically runs Hug's stuff but is a bit stricter in how he runs it. If you have talented smart kids, Hug's is the way to go. Younger kids that need a bit more structure might do better with Woods version. By the same token, if you are a coach that is a control guy, go with Woods version. If you like to "let players make plays", a bit more wide open, Hug is your guy. The Wood DVD also has 10 entries into the offense which are helpfull.

[u:fd1587d658]Pete Caril's First Princeton Offense Tape[/u:fd1587d658] - If you are interested in 4 out / single low motion, I really like this tape. I have the Bruce Webber and Rick Majerus stuff but this is more consise in what they are really doing.

[u:fd1587d658]Bob Knight Basketball Clinic 1 & 3[/u:fd1587d658] - These are two 100 minute VHS tapes I found that are incredible. Filmed in the late 80's at Indiana at a big 2 day coaches clinic he did. Like him or hate him, think he is crazy or don't, there is no disputing this man is the greatest Man & Motion coach ever. If you can get your hands on these, buy them and watch them over and over. The concepts work no matter what sets you run, 5 out, 2-3 High, 4 Out 1 in, 3 out 2 in... Defensively, same thing. The guy is brilliant, nuts but brilliant.

[u:fd1587d658]Jim Boheim's 2-3 Matchup Zone[/u:fd1587d658] - I was never a 2-3 guy in that I veiwed it as passive and soft. That said, I figured why not learn from the guy that runs it better than anyone. Well, we run it some now. This is a great DVD in showing how they do what they do, where the rotations are, who is responsible for what in just about any concievable circumstance. If Zone D interests you, buy this one. One great quote on the video. He says "People ask me why we run the 2-3. Easy, I believe it gives us the best chance to win". Doesnt get more simple than that.


[u:fd1587d658]Joe Scott Teaching the Princeton Offense[/u:fd1587d658] - This is a joke. Well packaged but useless. He really never says what they actually do. He just shows some drills and gabs. If you want to learn Princeton, get Caril's 4 Pack or come to California and watch De La Salle HS in Concord play.

[u:fd1587d658]Huggin's 1-1-3 ZONE TRAP[/u:fd1587d658] - He tells the same stories he tells on his motion video as well as his man d video and worse than that, he never really tells how the D rotates and works. I love Hug but this one was a waist.

[u:fd1587d658]Rick Majerus 4 Out 1 In Motion Encyclopedia[/u:fd1587d658] - This is one of the most expesive sets out there and while he gives lots of good tid-bits, he is easily distracted (talking about one topic and goes off topic to something else at a moments notice, never coming back to the original point). He also commits what I consider the cardinal sin of these coaching DVD's in that he never just says, "here is the offense, here is what we do and where we go". You know, just go 5 on 0 for 10 minutes showing the various options.

Comments? Hope to hear from some of you. If you want to reach me directly, I am at
The Best Offense?
May 18, 2006 10:02PM
Coach Canada,

I would love to see reviews on other tapes that you have purchased.

Good dvds -

Jerry Petitgoues open post - He does a great job of putting in a open post offense with some structure, but not too much that your players are thinking too much.

Gary Williams and Bruce Pearl - Full court 1-2-1-1 press. They both credit Tom Davis for this press and between both of them. I would recommend both tapes. Bruce Pearl does an excellent job of breaking it down. Gary Williams does a good job, but gives a couple drills for it.

Joanne McCallie - buy this tape on with the on the court stuff. I got the off the court stuff and it is just ok, but she does a great job of showing Joe Camipi's match up zone.

Billy Donovan's Transition Drills - excellent and he has so much energy. I like his transition drills and Ernie Kent's tape also.

Dick Bennett's Pack line defense - is a great tape of anyone wanting to improve their defense especially if you don't have great athletes that can pressure.

Bo Ryan's X zone offense - I love his zone offense.....

Videos that I didn't like..... Doug Bruno (it gave me a headache),

Billy Donovan's individual improvement tape - disappointing.....

Tubby Smith's full court pressure.... just didn't like the concepts.

I would love to know more about ......

Tony Barone's X zone off.

Ganon Baker Tapes

Kevin Sutton Tapes

Majerus video

Bob Huggins and Andy Wood's open post
The Best Offense?
May 18, 2006 04:51PM
As I mentioned before I have bought many tapes/dvd's from championship productions. Here's my list of the good and the bad.

Favorite tapes:
1. Bill Self's High/low- It's simple, structured and effective. it is a 3 out 2in but it can easly be a 4 out if you intiate the offence with your 4 man out at the top of the key at the 3 pt line and move your point guard out of the middle and on to the high elbow(eg. Kansas and carolina secondary break)
2. Dennis Fulton's Structured 4out 1in- This offence is esstially an adaptation of Bill Self's high/low. with added structure which in my opionion hurts it. the only new thing Fulton adds is that you can always keep your 4 man up in the high/low ( if he can't play with his back to the basket) instead of interchanging the 4 & 5 in the low post.
3.Dave Loos's High/Low Motion- Good tape to buy if you like Bill Self's because it follows the same principles and movement. Does a good job showing counters.
4. Jim Calhoun's Attacking 3out 2in motion- once again is similar to Bill Self's motion but not as good. it is a good tape to buy if you like Bill Self's high/low because it shows some nice plays that can be run out of that motion.
5. Paul hewitt's 4 out 1in- a very good freelance mtoion offence. I use this in the off season. ( Better than Dan Dakich's tape on free lance motion)
6. The Kentucky 1-4 high offence: a good quick hitter tape

Tapes to Avoid: ( tapes I would have returned if it wasn't such a hassle to do so from canada)
1.Geno Auriema: Teaching the high post &triangle offences- he shows you drills but there is NO instruction or demonstration of either offence!!!
2.Joe Scott: The princeton offence- once again, NO instruction or demonstration of the offence , just vague drills. big waste of money.
3.Sherri Cole: 4out 1in motion- alot of talk unfortunatley not about how to run the offence.
4.Jay Wright: the 4 out 1in mtion offence: I've seem some coaches try to run this offence( including myself)and thet have all found it to be ineffective. I might use this offemce as 1 set play but it can't be the basis of your motion.
5. Doug Bruno: 8 interchangeable sets: way too complicated for high school which reduces their effectiveness.

- I will ad to this as time permits, I have many more tapessmiling smiley eg. Rick Majerus's 4out 1in, Erine Kent's Continuity motion & quick hitters etc...
The Best Offense?
May 16, 2006 02:46AM
Coach Canada,
Thank you for posting me some comments on here. I truly appreciate it, Sorry about me being so slow to reply back to you, I rarely find time to get on here. However, I have been around basketball a long time, watching it, playing it, coaching it, even ref-ing it. And my favorite caoach of all time is without question Rick Pitino, he is one of the best if not the BEST in the bussiness. I recommend anything he has, in 1989 he made a 4 volume series of basketball instructional tapes. you can find them on they are a little old but stilll good, also just a few years ago he came out with a offensive improvement tape, you should check into that, I have eveything that i have mentioned on here and let me just say again his stuff is excellent, also some newer stuff Ernie Kent who coaches the Oregon Ducks has a DVD out right now called "continuity offenses and quick hitters" this is also a great video he is an excellent teacher, Tubby Smith has the best Man-to-Man Defense video I have seen. Joe Scott has "Essential Building Block to the Princeton Offense." It is ok, you can get a few things off of it but I have seen better. Coach K also has a good man -to- man video that is very good. I will continue to think of some more
The Best Offense?
May 19, 2006 01:50PM
Hi Coaches,

I'd love to know more review on defense. Thanks for your time in advance.

Caoch S
The Best Offense?
May 30, 2006 01:33PM
Hey Coach Canada! Would you recommend buying the entries, set play tapes with either Coach Self or Coach Loos High/low motion tapes?
The Best Offense?
May 30, 2006 02:19PM
I have seen both the Bill Self and Dave Loos tapes and I would say that the Bill Self tapes are much better. I have not however seen the Denis Felton tape and it is also a similar offense so you may want to look into that one as well.
The Best Offense?
May 31, 2006 08:40PM
Would you recommend purchasing the Coach Self's set plays and entries tape? The drills for the hi/low motion game? Any thoughts on Coach Loos set plays and entries tape into the hi/low motion game? Just trying to figure if those additional are worth purchasing along with the basic hi/low motion tape of Self and/or Loos.
The Best Offense?
June 01, 2006 08:15AM
I would definitly get coach Selfs Basic Hi/Low tape and his Drills tape for the Hi/Low. That would give you all that you need to teach and run an effective offense. After that, Coach Loos tape or Selfs entries tape would give you lots of set plays and variety (if you felt your team needed it).

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