Fran McCaffery's 2-3 high offense
March 26, 2006 09:00PM
Coach, I have both tapes and was impressed with the offense. Our team implemented the offense and has run it for two years. I must say that this offense is better suited for a team with only one post player. The basic contunuity involves alot of double and staggered screens as the ball is being reversed from side to side. The center basically moves from block to block and most of his oppurtunities to score will be based on opening up after setting screens.

If you do decide to purchase this offense, BUY BOTH TAPES. The first tape gives you the continuity some pressure relases, and a couple of sets. However, the second tape gives you about 12 more entries that all from into the continuity.

I hope this information helps!!!
Fran McCaffery's 2-3 high offense
March 22, 2006 05:35PM
Has anyone seen this tape or implemented this offense? Could you share some feedback? Secondly, I see that there is a tape that hase entries and options off of this offense but it doesn't say whether or not it includes the basic offensive motion. Does anyone know if it has the basic motions or is this tape useless without the previous edition which has been discontinued? Thanks

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