4 Out Motion
April 03, 2006 06:34PM
What is the best 4 Out Motion tape out there? We run the High-Low and are looking for something else to go with it. We like to do a lot of dribble attack-kick stuff. What tapes would be the most beneficial?
NCAA Women's Basketball
November 15, 2004 02:15PM
Who's your Pre-Season pick to go all the way?
4 Out Motion
April 04, 2006 02:18PM

[b:b6fb83ff12]Rick Majerus: The Encyclopedia of the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense[/b:b6fb83ff12] is an outstanding set on the 4-Out 1-In Motion Offense. Coach Majerus goes in depth on the offense and provides excellent instruction. The 3-Disc Set contains over 4 hours of thorough information and the best on the market!


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