fast break videos/books
December 03, 2004 02:42PM
I'm in the market for a video tape or book to help me develop a sound fast-break as a primary offense.

Can anyone suggest one and give a brief description of what's covered therein?

Thanks in advance.
fast break videos/books
December 06, 2004 02:14PM

What is your opinion of Dave Arseneault's or Billy Donovan's ("10 Aggressive Transition and Conditioning Drills"winking smiley tapes on the fast break?

fast break videos/books
December 06, 2004 10:28AM
I am going to list 5 oustanding fast break videos (in order of my preference). I understand coaches have different styles and prefer one system over another, so I will include a link to each video for you to preview.
[b:7bf4f95c09]1:[/b:7bf4f95c09] [b:7bf4f95c09]Jim Calhoun's Fastbreak Drills [/b:7bf4f95c09]
[b:7bf4f95c09]2:[/b:7bf4f95c09] [b:7bf4f95c09]Ernie Kent: 10 Attacking Transition Drills & Options [/b:7bf4f95c09]
[b:7bf4f95c09]3:[/b:7bf4f95c09] [b:7bf4f95c09]Kelvin Sampson: Transition Offense into Eight Set Plays [/b:7bf4f95c09]
[b:7bf4f95c09]4:[/b:7bf4f95c09] [b:7bf4f95c09]Fastbreak Basketball [/b:7bf4f95c09] (Tubby Smith)
[b:7bf4f95c09]5:[/b:7bf4f95c09] [b:7bf4f95c09]The Oak Hill Attacking Fastbreak [/b:7bf4f95c09](Steve Smith)
If you have any additional questions, please contact us.
fast break videos/books
December 06, 2004 04:51PM
Dave Arseneault's video is a system of play (offense) and Billy Donavon's video includes 10 drills that they use to implement their transition offense and conditioning. These are great videos that have been very popular in the past couple of moinths.


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