I am looking for the best full-court press dvds. How is Gary Williams video? I am looking for new stuff. I am also looking for the best transition dvd for girls basketball players. How is the multiple mosquito defensive system? What is it actually?

I would appreciate anyone that has seen a really good dvd or video responding, thanks.

What about the "55" Full court pressure defense and the full court press by A. Landers of "Georgia?

How are those videos? What can you tell me about Billy Donovan's 10 aggressive transition drills and Ernie Kent's stuff? Can you get into any specifics about the women's transition videos that you listed and just rate them on your personal opinion or public opinion?

I also am looking at strength and conditioning videos for women? if you don't have any..... then list the best men's video.

Thanks again,

Coach P
Looking for Full-court press, fastbreak, and any new topics.
February 14, 2006 12:46PM

I recommend you calling or emailing Thom McDonald. He's seen every DVD or video we've produced...and can inform you which are the best.

He can be reached at:


Thanks, and have a great day!

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