Tex Winter Triangle Book
April 04, 2006 12:30PM
Does the Triangle Book include set plays you can run out of the triangle?
Tex Winter Triangle Book
April 04, 2006 01:15PM
Kinda of. I basically goes over the pattern of the offense. However, there are some plays that the lakers/bulls have used that are in this book. The tapes are a really good supplement to the book. The book has a little bit of the patterns and sets but some of it is overwhelming, so pretty much with anything you have pic and choose what you like. But there aren't really set plays in the triangle period, in most cases it depends on how the defense is playing. Overall, I think its a good off, could be hard to teach but onced master, its great and so are the tex winter book and videos. You should try them
Tex Winter Triangle Book
April 10, 2006 10:58PM
In some cases yes and some no. There are some aspects where you have the triangle filled on one side, a wing, a corner and a post and you have a man at the top and then a man on the opposite wing just to create space. And in the 3 out 2 in, the triangle is fillled the same but then you have a top man and a post player/ pinch post player. So it is a little bit of everything in this offense. It is hard to teach from what I understand, but you just have to break it down. As far as the book, it is no way in my mind you can teach everything, you just have to take what you like and work on the basics
Tex Winter Triangle Book
April 09, 2006 09:56PM
is the triangle offense based on a 3 out 2 in in that book or is it more along the lines of a 4 out 1 in?
December's New Releases!
November 29, 2004 10:53AM
The following videos will appear in the [b:e25c093679]December Catalog[/b:e25c093679]:

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[b:e25c093679]Kristy Curry[/b:e25c093679]: Installing a Comprehensive Zone Attack
[b:e25c093679]Debbie Ryan[/b:e25c093679]: 17 Transition Drills and Options
[b:e25c093679]Dan Dakich[/b:e25c093679]: Teaching the Five-Man Motion Offense
[b:e25c093679]Morgan Wootten[/b:e25c093679]: How to Build a Winning Fastbreak
[b:e25c093679]Morgan Wootten[/b:e25c093679]: Coaching to Win in Special Situations

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