Rick Majerus DVD
January 12, 2006 11:20PM
Anyone bought the Rick Majerus DVD set? Is it any good???
Rick Majerus DVD
February 18, 2006 11:29PM
It would be cool if someone who has seen the set could indicate what they liked about it.
Rick Majerus DVD
March 18, 2006 11:42AM
the series contains everything that it advertises. it also includes basic elements of offense and ends with some more advanced elements. his ideas can be used at any level
Rick Majerus DVD
March 07, 2006 05:02PM
I got the DVD thru the mail the other day.

It really is what it says on the tin...

Coach Majerus goes through every situation that seems possible that you may ever face. Ever.

It is amazing just how detailed that it gets. Even Rick Majerus himself said at the end of the DVD that some of his coaching staff would never have seen some of this stuff as it would only ever be used if most of his players were seniors.

Be aware that these DVD's contain no drills. There are few parts were Coach Majerus explains HOW to teach each situation. This is in effect an on court lecture were Coach Majerus explains "If the defense shows this. We do this. If they counter. This is how we make up for it."

The editing and pace of the DVD is great. Each chapter has sub-chapters so you can jump back and forth with great ease. The detail of explanations leaves you in no doubt what exactly Majerus is looking for in each situation.

Should you get it? If your like me and love to research everything about the game. Why are you still reading this? Go buy it, its great!!!!

However, if you have a limited amount of material. Your funds are tight and you are looking for something quick and easy to teach then you would need something like the High/Low offence that Bill Self shows. ItÂ’s easy to teach and really effective on the court and it also has a tape with drills on how to run the offence without you having to even attempt to get creative.

John Officer
Rick Majerus DVD
April 10, 2006 03:08PM
Can the offense be implemented for girls basketball at the high school level?
Rick Majerus DVD
May 19, 2006 12:45AM
OK, I guess I will be the lone disenter. I think Majerus probably understands this stuff better than anyone. He does try to cover every situation known to basketball. My problems are 2 fold:

1) He is easily distracted, bouncing off topic. When he does this, he really doesnt come back to what he was teaching.

2) He never just says "This is what we do and this is us doing it". If this video had a 5 on 0 for about 15 passes segment, watching the whole thing flow, for me, that would have helped.

That all said, I am glad I own it but I use it more for little pearls of wisdom that he comes up with as opposed to how to run his stuff. For instance "the Post Entry from the top of the lane line extended is a "suckers entry" that gets turned over about 85% of the time." Low and behold, I started paying attention and in one weekend, my guys tried that entry about 6 times (all looked open) and turned it over every single time. If you can afford it, buy it to add to your library but dont buy it to just go and install. You would have a difficult time at the HS or Youth level.

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