Coaching 4th graders for first time
November 09, 2004 10:03AM
Any tapes suggested for coaching 4th grade boys for the first time?
Coaching 4th graders for first time
November 09, 2004 11:31AM
I would suggest [b:17b4c06db4]The FutureStars Coaching Youth Basketball Videos Series[/b:17b4c06db4] by [b:17b4c06db4]Stan Jones[/b:17b4c06db4] and [b:17b4c06db4]Van Coleman[/b:17b4c06db4]. This is a 5 tape series that builds a foundation for a successful basketball program. Jones and Coleman provide great drills, offenses, defenses, and other plays that utilize multiple fundamentals. The videos that form the 5 tape series are:
[b:17b4c06db4]Program Development & Practice Planning[/b:17b4c06db4]
[b:17b4c06db4]Practice Drills: Building Blocks for the Future[/b:17b4c06db4]
[b:17b4c06db4]Shooting Mechanics: Shooting to Win![/b:17b4c06db4]
[b:17b4c06db4]Building a Winning Team Offense[/b:17b4c06db4]
[b:17b4c06db4]Building a Winning Team Defense[/b:17b4c06db4]
Take a look at these videos! If you would like other recommendations, let me know. Thanks!

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