Justin Pintar
New Coaching Website
May 13, 2013 11:04PM
I recently started a coaching blog dedicated to providing content directly from some of the best college and high school coaches. I just started this in the last week so you'll see just the first couple of blog posts, but one is from VCU on their havoc defense and the second post is some baseline out of bounds plays from Notre Dame. Again, this content has come directly from the coaches at these programs, not something I scrapped up off the internet. If you'd like to check it out at www.coachpintar.com and give me some feedback I would appreciate hearing from you guys.


Justin Pintar
Wayne Walters
Re: New Coaching Website
May 14, 2013 07:34AM
How do I contact you about posting information on your blog?
Original information on the SWARM Defense that I invented/created and other offensive materials.

Wayne Walters
Justin Pintar
Re: New Coaching Website
May 14, 2013 02:21PM
Sorry about that, I thought the email would post on here but it doesn't. I've added a contact form on the website on the right hand column towards the bottom. Hope this helps, looking forward to hearing from you.
Justin Pintar
Re: New Coaching Website
May 25, 2013 02:22PM
I've recently added some new stuff to the coaching blog including a drill from Oregon Tech, some stuff of my own and some plays from Louisville (women). If you've had a chance to visit please let me know your thoughts so far on what you like/don't like with the website.



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