Wayne Walters
SWARM Defense
February 19, 2013 01:34PM

As most of you may know, two years ago in the Fall, Hoops King produced and marketed a set five dvds on the SWARM Defense which included three levels of team and drills. I plan on doing the other three levels of that series at some point if sales go well enough to make it a profitable venture for that company because the quality of production was unmatched as was the professionalism of the people involved. What I do plan to do in the interim on my own is produce a series of dvds on various individual defenses using SWARM concepts and sell them through my website. I have tech support from a former student that runs his own company to edit and produce these dvds. I have both a high quality camera and microphone to insure quality visual and sound quality. I have contacted a local college to do white board sessions in their team room. All I need is HS coaches willing to have their team be filmed learning the SWARM Defense at one of my clinics in their gym. I will reduce the cost of the clinic since the content will be for upcoming dvd production and sales. Please contact me if you are interested. Topics are listed below.

1-2-2 Wasp, 1-1-3 Hornet or Mosquito, 1-3-1 Spider, 2-3 Scorpion, Switching M2M/ Yellow Jacket [HC] or Mad dog [FC], Stinger Junk Defense, Even Front FC Match Up Press, Odd Front FC Match Up Press

SWARM D vs Offensive Sets and Actions: Four Out, Five Out, High Low, Two Guard Spread, 1-4 and Stack Sets, Ball Screen O

Please contact me if you are interested in having me visit and instruct in either the Spring, Summer or Fall

Wayne Walters
SWARM Enterprises
991 Red Hill Plaza
Middletown, PA 17057

Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
March 01, 2013 12:09PM
Thanks to the 15 coaches that have contacted me so far for clinics and to assist me in creating new dvds that meet the demand for additional topics. I welcome contact from additional interested teams.

Dr. D
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
March 09, 2013 06:47PM
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
May 24, 2013 07:25PM
I have created some recent handouts to meet my perceived demand for SWARM materials based on emails, phone calls and forum posts. These should be available on the website shopping cart some time in the next two weeks. It would be sooner but I will be away doing clinics in LA and VA for eight days.

DHO #148 Teaching the SWARM in Layers

DHO #154 Zone Defense to SWARM Zone: 1-3-1

DHO #155 Zone Defense to SWARM Zone: 1-2-2

DHO #156 Zone or Man D to Yellow Jacket [SWARM Switching M2M]

DPkt #33 Yellow Jacket Switching M2M Swarm Defense

Wayne Walters
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
June 28, 2013 09:21AM
I just created two new handouts on defending the DDM offense with basic SWARM rotations and actions. DDM practices against help and recover not rotation. Force them to use unpracticed actions. Check the shopping cart at www.swarmenterprises.com.

Wayne Walters
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
September 30, 2013 05:22PM
1. You cannot simulate it in practice with your subs or practice team like any other innovative concept or strategy that your team does not already use at game speed.

2. Many coaches fall into the trap of treating it like something they already know. Match up zones, true or robotic,get treated like switching man or junk defense because it is easier to fall back on something that you know. The SWARM gets treated like a trapping match up but the release done properly negates those counters.

3. I am spending hours learning about various offenses to exploit flaws and create simple teaching progression to counter their unique actions with a few simple concepts. I have notebooks by action and by set. I doubt that the creators of DDM, R&R, Attack & React, etc. are studying the SWARM. New dvds in production over the new few years of SWARMing different offenses ... different base defenses ... simple counters ...

4. I adapted as opposing coaches adapted ... drills evolved to simulate and produce habits and verbals ... actually more effective the last four years than the first four years because I taught it better ... better drills,faster learning curve, players and coach had quicker game reaction ... no system is ever static or it becomes antiquated ...
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
March 03, 2014 07:42PM
I am excited that so many coaches, over three dozen, have contacted me with serious interest ion the SWARM defense over the past three weeks and that about two dozen are interested in SWARM clinics before next season plus a women's pro team in Australia wants me to attend two weeks training camp/practice to teach the SWARM, create their defensive playbook/drills and do regional SWARM clinics.
Wayne Walters
Re: SWARM Defense
March 23, 2014 10:25AM
I know that this will sound like a commercial so I apologize in advance. If you have another solution other than get bigger, faster and stronger athletes than all of your opponents, please pass it along.

As I have watched HS March Madness here in PA and the NCAA a few things continue to be obvious at least to me.

1. Athletic players have seen the value of not just driving but long range shooting so you can no longer strictly PACK. I think that you can selectively PACK but I think that it is difficult to PACK some and deny some especially with HS players. Zones will not beat better teams even match up zones.

2. Rule changes in the NCAA and NBA trickle down to HS basketball even before they are on paper. When the “charge arc” was added a few years ago, it effected how HS officials called the block charge. This year, at least in the games I saw and coached, it has become increasingly difficult to guard on the perimeter if you are less athletic.

3. Players are increasingly better drivers due to a variety of reasons and combined with new rules emphasis it is almost impossible to be a good individual defender unless you just out athlete people.

4. Player today are better shooters and drivers. As passers, they are good to great if you give them the same sequence of passes or common situations especially in transition. You need to create doubt and hesitation.

5. Help and recover can be exploited by spacing drivers and shooters. True trapping works if you are bigger in the traps but once the trap is broken you have magnified your athletic disadvantage. Rotational defense with release is the only answer that I know.

I would appreciate your comments and input.

Wayne Walters

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