Fastbreak help
November 04, 2005 02:52PM
Looking for a good primary/seconday break video...was wondering if anyone has seen Sylvia Hatchell: How to Win with the Fastrbeak?
Fastbreak help
November 07, 2005 04:33PM
Please take a look at the following primary/ fastbreak videos.

[b:6b7acfc3fc]Roy Williams: Secrets of the North Carolina Secondary Break[/b:6b7acfc3fc]
[b:6b7acfc3fc]Sylvia Hatchell: How to Win with the Fastbreak [/b:6b7acfc3fc]
[b:6b7acfc3fc]Kelvin Sampson: Transition Offense into Eight Set Plays [/b:6b7acfc3fc]
[b:6b7acfc3fc]Jim Calhoun's Fastbreak Drills[/b:6b7acfc3fc]

The first two are real similar...The North Carolina Secondary Break...while the others are a bit different and have been great seller's over time.


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