Hi Coach W, Nate & coaches,

Since I have limited budget to purchase some tapes. What videos would you guys recommend on the following topics?

1. Developmental drills for point guard/perimeter player.
2. Developemntal drills for post player.
3. Zone offense
4. M2M offense (Motion or Flex)
5. M2M defense
6. Full-court press (zone press or M2M press).
7. Rebounding and team practice drills.

Thanks for your time and answers in advance.

Coach S
1. I have used the Ganon Baker, Kevin Sutton, Mike Krzyzewski, Arizona series, Steve Alford, and the 5 star series etc. As far as shooting moves to the basket and ball handling skills I would recommend Ganon Baker or Kevin Sutton's videos. The two aforementioned are excellent at teaching triple threat, staying low, and developing go to moves for guards. I have worked with Ganon and I would probably give him the edge. As far as PG development, I have a different philosophy because I have had PG's that were not great mentally, but could get us into an offense. I have had successful years with a post player calling plays and directing the team, the PG just initiated what offense was called. Mike Kryzewski said it best you cannot make a player something they don't have the ability to become. The year they won the championship, Shane Battier (spelling) called all of the plays not the PG, and this year at his coaching clinic, I heard Sheldon Williams, and JJ. Reddick calling more plays than Dockery. Duke does not have many set plays, they call them audibles from their motion offense.

2. Post Player: Kevin Sutton post video, Mike Krzyzewski, Ganon Baker, Pete Newell, Kevin Eastman. Kevin Eastman can easily be mention for guards also. Kevin Sutton video breaks everything down such has (catching drills, running the floor, etc.), if you need to start from square 1. Pete Newell teaches all of the intricate details of post play. Kryzyzewski is also good and covers alot. Arizona big man tape (older) is very good also. I would say Sutton, and Newell.

3. Zone Offense: Kermit Davis, Geno Auriemma, Tim Welsh, Calhoun, Tod Kowalczyk has an excellent 1-4 high zone video, Jim Foster, and I could keep going. I am partial to the Kermit Davis, and Tod Kowalczyk videos. I have been able to rip zones apart using Kermit Davis system. With that said, I have also made changes and added things to his system. I believe most coaches give you the bare basics of their system, and with a little imagination you will see opportunities and new plays.

4. M2M I can recommend tons of videos, but I would first have to know about your system. If you are running the following motion offenses here are my some of the videos I have used.

4 Out 1 In: Paul Hewitt video is excellent. Dennis Felton video is very good but far more structured and rule oriented. Jay Wright is also excellent.

Hi-Lo - Dave Loos, Bill Self are two excellent videos.

5 Out - Bob Huggins is excellent.

Triangle - Geno Auriemma

3 Out 2 In - Calhoun, Bill Braun ball screening is good, and some of the high low is 3 out 2 in motion. Bruce Weber does an excellent job explaining concepts and what is needed but in my opinion most of his videos lack the potatoes to go with the meat.

Ernie Kent has great videos also, he is an excellent teacher.

One video will not give you everything, I get something out of each video. I would say Huggins, Hewitt, Loos, Self, and Kent (continuity Motion) would be my top motion videos.

Flex - Tubby Smith's 10 variations of the Kentucky Flex is good video, it will give you more options and plays. It also gives you a overview ( very good) of Flex also. Gary Williams, John Kresse, and Mark Few are good flex videos.

Set Plays: Mark Few, Oak Hill, Loos, Self, and Jay Wright are a few videos that I have used.

I believe a good offense should incorporate a little from each. Our motion offense has Flex cuts, Hi-Lo, 5 out, etc. Yes, it does take time to teach our system. With that said, we are hard to scout, and we take advantage of mismatches without running set plays. Our offense changes to suit of personnel, we change offenses or options every year. This is getting long, if you want we can exchange emails, or phone #'s.
I will more than happy to help you.
Coach W,

Thanks for your time and great answers very much. I'd like to know more about your offenses. Please email me at wanlab@hotmail.com.

Coach S
Coach, your offense seems to be much of what I have been trying to develop over the past year, however half admittedly i still am not 100 % confident with it at this stage. I was just hired as a varsity H.S. coach in upstate NY. I too have tried incorporating many of the motion offenses & concepts I have seen on tape and clinics this summer (Bill Self, Mark Few, etc...) As mentioned your ideas and concepts are very much along the lines of what i am developing... any help would be great. Please email if you have the time
Thanks Coach W (kotetown21@yahoo.com)

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