Special situations dvds help!!
January 09, 2012 08:06PM
Having a hard time deciding which special situations dvd I would like to add to my library. Anyone give me some feedback on the following:

1. Morgan Wootten: Coaching to win in special situations

2. Winning special situations by Don Meyer

3. Tom Izzo: Winning dead ball sitations

4. Pat Summitt's mastering special situations

Thanks in advance for your reply
Re: Special situations dvds help!!
January 17, 2012 08:57AM
Hello Coach,

Can you please tell me what you're really looking for in regards to special situations?

- Izzo provides information on all dead ball situations, and is one of our better sellers

- Wootten provides some late game options as well as a spread offense to use at the end of the game

- Summitt provides information on pressure defense, press break, zone offense, attacking junk defenses and late game situations

- Meyer provides information on many situations, including: jump balls, time outs, press offense, playing the clock, the comeback game, out-of-bounds plays, free throw situations


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