Coach W
Alley Oop Play
October 06, 2011 01:40AM
Anyone have a great alley oop play to run vs man defense? It can be off the tap, transition break, or any half court set. Just looking for a really good one. Thanks!!
Re: Alley Oop Play
October 06, 2011 11:47AM
Coach W,

Have you looked into UNC's Secondary Break? They have a nice flow to their offense that includes a backscreen for their trailer for a lob. They used it a lot last year for John Henson off the break if you caught their games.

Coach W
Re: Alley Oop Play
October 07, 2011 02:52PM
yes, for some reason I didn't consider that. We used to run the carolina break a when I first got into coaching... i also have Coach Williams DVDs on it. I'll pop those in tonight and take another look. Thanks

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