How to Run the Michigan Two Guard Front Offense Review
January 21, 2011 12:57PM
This 2 DVD set is jam packed with useful information about everything you would need to know about John Beilein's 2-Guard Offense. Coach Tom Jicha does a wonderful job or using both whiteboard explanations and on the court demonstrations of the Chin, Motion, and Shuffle Sets.

He begins with the Chin Set as it is the backbone of the offense when everything else is run through. The concepts are clearly laid out for you and he gives a quick hitters from the set as well. The offense is dummied through multiple times with 5-0 and also 5-5 showing every "what-if" scenario.

The Motion Set is the primary offense that is run where many options are open off each and every pass. The same 5-0 and 5-5 situations are used with quick hitters off the Motion.

The Shuffle Set is the easiest one to follow through and is run quickly through with no defense and a defense. It smoothly runs right into the Chin Set. I believe 10 Quick Hitters are also shown out of this set; from post touches to double staggers.

On top of the thorough detail on the offense, he gives you drills that you can use to get the players comfortable in the offense. Though the system may seem complex it really is fairly simple to grasp all the concepts and could be taught at all levels of basketball.

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