Coach Stringer "55" Pressure D & Offense???
September 27, 2005 12:51AM
I coach a 13u small fry team (5'1" or shorter). The league is very competitive. I was at a clinic this past weekend at St. Benedicts (NJ) and Coach Stringer presented the 55. Has anyone viewed the tape? or used this D. If so how is it? it seems simple yet effetive, looking for reviews!!

Also in the league we see alot of zone and full court pressure defense. looking for a simple to teach press break (video) along with ideas on offense. I don't have the greatest talent in fact I'm building the program from the ground. Any suggestions on using zone offense or motion offense. How about a offense that can be used againg both??
Coach Stringer "55" Pressure D & Offense???
October 04, 2005 11:10AM
The Vivian Stringer video is great...She provides excellent information and the defense should be easily implemented into your program.
[u:f599e512da]Press Break Videos[/b:f599e512da][/u:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Breaking Presses with a 1-3-1 Alignment[/b:f599e512da] by Bill Self
[b:f599e512da]Dave Odom: How to Beat Any Pressure Defense![/b:f599e512da]
(and the new Coach K Video: [b:f599e512da]Breaking the Press[/b:f599e512da] available soon)
[b:f599e512da]Zone Offense[/b:f599e512da][/u:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Geno Auriemma: The Simplified Zone Offense[/b:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Kermit Davis: The Ultimate Package for Zone Offense[/b:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Jim Foster: The Multi-Purpose Zone Offense[/b:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Jack Bennett: Championship Zone Motion Offense[/b:f599e512da]

If you want an offense that can be played against the zone and man-to-man, I suggest looking at the following:

[b:f599e512da]Gary Williams: Mastering the Flex[/b:f599e512da]
[b:f599e512da]Dana Altman: The Complete Guide to the High Post Offense vs. Any Defense[/b:f599e512da]

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