All Access DVD's
May 24, 2010 11:40AM
I know that as coaches we all have different needs but I am searching for the best overall ALL ACCESS Dvd!! Could someone please comment on any or all of them. Has anyone seen the Chris Mooney dvd?? Thanks!!
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Re: All Access DVD's
May 28, 2010 05:16PM
Here is an overview of each All-Access DVD: They are not in any order!!!!!

1.All-Access Duke Women's Basketball Practice Joanne Palombo-McCallie:Great practice footage!! Great system on offense and defense!

2.All Access Richmond Basketball Practice with Chris Mooney: The BEST Princeton offense and defense video ever done!!! You are in ever team meeting, coaches meeting, and practice for four day!!!

3.All Access Kentucky Basketball Practice with John Calipari: You get to see everything the team does in practice for three days and the start a new program!

4.All Access Practice with Pat Summitt: Great practice organization!

5.All Access Duke Basketball Practice with Mike Krzyzewski: You get to see and hear three of the BEST practices ever! It is not what is taught but how it is said and reinforced in practice!!!

6.All Access Practice with Geno Auriemma: The team and the practice intensity!! Great practice footage and instruction!

7.All Access Kansas Basketball Practice with Bill Self: You get great skill development!!! You see everything from offense, defense, along with team and individual drills.

8.All Access Purdue Basketball Practice with Matt Painter: He gives you everything they do in practice!!! You see how he gets the team to work hard and execute at a high level!!

9.All Access Practice with Jim Calhoun: You will experience a great practice environment. The atmosphere is unbelievable from the fist drill to the last!

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Recruiting Coordinator
Championship Productions
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Re: All Access DVD's
September 07, 2010 04:03PM
I really like the Kentucky one, especially if you're aDribble Drive Motion coach. I've put up a review here: http://coachdribbledrive.com/2010/09/07/video-reviews/

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Re: All Access DVD's
September 17, 2010 09:32AM
I did a review of the DVD on my site, here is the link to the blog post.


I really enjoyed the series, so much to draw from that program and that system. I am a motion coach and have picked up tons of great stuff from them.

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