Ball Line Defense- Tubby Smith
March 01, 2010 10:45PM
Has anyone view this man2man defensive video by Tubby Smith yet? Please give a detail review or over-view of the video.
Is it worth buying to teach it to girls?
Lonnie Kragel
Re: Ball Line Defense- Tubby Smith
March 03, 2010 12:48PM
This is the BEST video Coach Smith has ever done. He teaches the progression of defensive drills that can be used at any level or gender. He starts with The "One Foot in the Paint Rule" is the backbone of the help-side defense in this ball-line system. Beginning with "zig-zag drill" and 1-on-1 full court pressure, Smith reinforces his defensive principles through a series of developmental drills. These challenging drills include 2-on-2 full-court, 3-on-3 over play and deny and, 4-on-4 overplay sag and deny. Coach Smith concludes with his 4-on-3 contest-the-shot drill teaching players to effectively contest shots. He does not hold anything back. Great video!

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