Coach Mac
Winning on the Drive
November 25, 2009 12:24AM
Coaches looking to gain an edge in today's hybrid basketball strategy must understand the importance of using the dribble to win basketball games. The dribble shouldn't be looked upon as the passes evil twin sister, but rather a technique if implemented well, to score points and more importantly win games. The dribble can be used in various forms to produce positive outcomes; here is my list of ways to use the dribble to win the perimeter and control the conference:

Zone breakdown. There are many ways to beat a zone defense including beating it down the floor (transition), side to side rotation (execution), screening, and the two-thirds rule. What is the two-thirds rule? If you understand the zone defense no matter what its mid-point alignment will always be a 2-3 scheme when the ball is on the wing, simply using the dribble to penetrate past two of the three defenders on ball side will open up a plethora scoring opportunities at the rim or assist opportunities for points.

Rim Value. I have always told my teams to attack the mid-line or hoop line as we'd refer to it with the dribble and receive a payoff from the rim. There is value in the game for those who can reach the rim. I need not say more, but I will. If you can get to the rim on the dribble you can score (isn't the name of the game to outscore you opponent). By attacking the 'hoop line' with the dribble you put players in a position to score, get fouled, or pass for points. Now that is value!

Tempo Control and Breakdown. Many of the rules governing continuity offenses such as the dribble drive motion or the offensive patterns included in Coach Mac's Continuity Offenses from Oregon Small School Programs provides coaches and players alike the chance to control the game with the dribble. Tempo control is really everything in the game of basketball. You control the tempo in your favor, and you win the game. Simple right? Not really. First you must leave old traditional values in the influential folders in your mind and understand the value of the dribble. Teams can win their share of league titles when they win with the dribble.

High School Dribble Drive Motion

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